Seeds of Hope El Salvador

Seeds of Hope was brought to El Salvador by Madai Solis, who felt led to bring the transformational program to her community. Madai had been teaching at SOH Costa Rica for several years before moving back home to El Salvador to pursue her master’s degree at seminary school. The primary mission of SOH El Salvador is to bring hope to at-risk youth in a village that is facing extreme economic oppression, drug trafficking, and gang violence. USAID reports that El Salvador currently has the highest homicide rate in the world for youth under the age of 19, and an estimation of 60,000 belong to gangs. “The general risk factors associated with gang membership include: poverty, family disintegration or separation, neglect, violent domestic environments, unemployment, scarcity of educational and developmental opportunities, and family membership in gangs. The presence of one or more of these factors may compel an adolescent or child to turn to gangs in hope of finding a familial environment, social status, and economic opportunities.”